What You Have To Know About Betting On Basketball

Basketball betting is rising quickly in popularity. If you’ve bet before or you’re just getting going, there are a few betting basics you should know. Basketball betting is quite similar to football betting. Just pick your bet and the amount of the wager.

Ready to get started? Here’s what you need to know.

Bet Early

One of the absolute best ways to gain an edge when betting NBA basketball games is to begin betting once the markets are open each morning. In a marketplace that is as big as the NBA, really nothing slips between the cracks. Injury news, inadequacies within the market and lines which are off are corrected quite quickly as the sharpest bettors. Betting syndicates all over the world look to snatch up the value on NBA sides and totals prior to the value begin sucked out of the line.

Oddsmakers and bettors are more information on games as one gets closer to tip-off, so betting early gives you the opportunity to capitalise on the mistakes on the initial lines which oddsmakers release before they are corrected. As bookmakers regulate their lines that are based on action they receive, injury news and other factors, the lines become more accurate and more difficult to beat as the day gets on.

Betting On Basketball Underdogs

As with many other sports and leagues, the average punter wants to bet on favourites. This can frequently mean that the market is biased in favour of underdogs, especially underdogs receiving big handicaps. This isn’t something you need to worry about when playing mobile casino slots in Philippines.

Let’s take a look at just a couple of simple statistics to show how favourites impact wagers when betting on basketball.

Over the last 10 NBA seasons, basketball teams playing away as underdogs of +12 points or greater have covered the line more than 53% of time. We see comparable trends in college basketball where underdogs of +17 points or greater also have a strike rate of over 53%. Yes, this strike rate won’t make you rich sometime soon.

However, it shows the point that a bias happens in the market in favour of lowly regarded underdogs. Keep this in mind always when assessing your bets. When a team is frequently regarded as having no chance of winning the game, the spread is often in their favour.

Most Common Basketball Betting Types Explained

Basketball has a broad range of betting types which are meant to guide you when making bets. If you are a newbie to basketball betting you need to know the game rules and the most common basketball betting markets.

Money lines

The money line bet is by far one of the most common betting choices. It requires you to forecast which team will win the basketball game.

Handicaps/Spread Betting

Handicap is a point spread betting choice which is most common in NBA games that involve superior and inferior teams. In this case, the operator will disadvantage the superior team in order to make the game fair. The superior team needs to overcome the handicap for the bet to be fulfilled.