The Ultimate Beginners Guide to Football Betting

The 2018 FIFA World Cup is just about to kick off and we all know what this means: plenty of thrilling opportunities for football betting success! However, if you’re just getting started, we don’t suggest placing bets on a hope and a prayer, but rather preparing yourself effectively for the challenge. Here’s how to get started.

Set Up a Budget

Before getting started with football betting or sports betting or any kind, it’s imperative that you set up a budget. Consider how much you’re able to spend on football betting and never deviate from the limits set.

You should always think of money spent on wagers as money you’ll lose, with the possibility of it paying off.

Be Patient

As with any new skill, it’s going to take time to become successful at football betting and you need to be patient.

You will by no means be an overnight success and you’ll endure many disappointments along the way. Take it in your stride and learn from the mistakes made.

Only Bet Online

Online sportsbooks offer more competitive odds than their land-based counterparts which all goes towards the bottom line and how much you’ll win if you’re successful. Online sports betting is also easy and convenient, making it perfect for beginners.

Shop the Odds and Lines

That being said, you shouldn’t just put money down on the first tempting wager you come across. Decide on a market you’re interested in, for example live AFL betting, and shop the lines and odds on offer at a few different online sportsbooks.

There are so many to choose from that you’ll spoiled for choice, just make sure to only use reputable sites.

Follow Football Closely

In order to become successful with football betting, it’s crucial to follow the game and get to know the major teams and players.

Whether you’re interested in league or national team football, there are plenty of factors to consider when placing football wagers.

Know the Football Betting Types

There are plenty of football betting types to choose from owing to the popularity of the ‘beautiful game’ and it’s important that you’re familiar with the most popular types.

You don’t have to put money down on all of them, but it’s a good idea to become familiar with them. Here are the most popular types:

  • Handicaps
  • Win/Draw/Win
  • Futures
  • Props
  • Parlays and Accumulators

Keep Excellent Records

In order to learn from your mistakes and do better next time, you’ll need to keep excellent records.

Make notes about each match you’ve put money on, the odds you’ve bet on, the outcomes, and what prevented you from making a successful selection.

Quality Over Quantity

While it may be tempting to place loads of small bets to increase your chances of success, it’s actually more effective to place fewer bets with a higher possible pay out.

Focusing on quality over quantity should always be your goal as a sports bettor and will make the bets more worthwhile.