Popular Types Of Football Bets

Football fans live, breathe, and sleep football. It’s no surprise then that studies have shown that football fans are more likely to place sports bets than fans of any other sport.

Football and sports betting is a match made in heaven. The biggest reason for this is that football is so widely played and supported all over the world, and as such, commonly available as an option at the bookmakers.

Football also happens to be a game that lends itself to a variety of different types of bets. Below is a brief discussion of the most popular types of football wagers to get you started.

The Half-Time/Full-Time Bet

Since a football game is divided into a first and second half, bettors get to wager on just one or both halves.

This type of bet does however require a bit of knowledge regarding starting line-ups, teams known for either finishing or starting strong, etc.

The Double Chance Bet

The double chance bet can be rewarding as well as entertaining.

A double chance bet in football means betting on two of three possible outcomes of a match. The combos are:

  • Home team or draw
  • Away team or draw
  • Home team or away team (meaning no draw involved)

This type of bet is great for bettors on a budget, or even for those just starting out.

The Goalscorer Bet

Placing a goalscorer bet means predicting that a particular player will score a goal during the match.

This type of bet, too, lends itself to diversity. Examples include betting on the first or last goalscorer, a goal scored during a particular half, the number of goals scored by a player, etc.

The Correct Score Bet

Because of the accuracy required, the correct score bet is riskier than most other wagers. A winning correct score bet means making an exact prediction regarding the final score of a match.

Scorecast/Wincast Bets

A scorecast bet requires of the punter to correctly predict not only the score, but also one or more goal scorers.

With a scorecast bet, the odds are higher than the norm because of the better now having to accurately predict two outcomes.

The wincast bet is similar to the scorecast bet. This time, however, the punter must predict the goalscorer and the outcome of a game instead of the final score. The outcome merely refers to correctly predicting the winner of the match, meaning the odds will be lower than in the case of a scorecast wager.

The Draw No Bet

This type of bet requires a wager placed on the outcome of the match. However, in the event of a draw, the punter will get his wager back.

Since this type of bet carries a low risk, the odds will typically be lower than many other betting markets.

The Over/Under Bet

With over/under football bets, betting NZ sites will publish a baseline number. Punters must then predict whether there will be more or fewer of a particular event than the baseline value.

Events can include yellow cards, corners, goals, etc.