Top 5 Most Popular Sports to Bet On

The rise in popularity with regards to sports betting has prompted many sports fans to enter the betting market. Whilst there are many sports that people bet on, there are certain sports that are more popular to bet on than others.

During sporting seasons bettors can spend billions collectively every year, wagering at licensed online and mobile casinos in Canada, sportsbooks, and local bookmakers. Below we have compiled the five most popular sports to bet on according to betting volume.

  1. Soccer

European football or soccer is the most watched sport in the entire world. Its popularity makes it the most profitable sport to place bets on. Majority of the soccer bets are straightforward, you basically have to predict whether the soccer match will result in a win or a draw, then you have to state what the final score will be. Experienced soccer players can bet on more intricate soccer bets such as corner kicks and throw-ins. The more knowledgeable you are on soccer, the more chances you have on winning the bets.

  1. Tennis

Betting on tennis is fairly simple for both the experienced and beginners. Tennis provides a variety of simple and straightforward bets, but the most important bet is the one to predict the winner of a match or tournament. To increase your chances of winning tennis bets is to study each of the player’s ranking and performance in previous tournaments. Other factors that will come into play are the type of courts the players will be playing on. Do they perform better on grass courts or clay? These are factors you should consider.

  1. American Football

The National Football League or NFL attracts the largest betting volume in the United States. Sports betting is not allowed in several U.S. states; however, American football lovers spend large sums of money betting on league matches. The biggest sports betting event in the United States is the annual Super Bowl. NFL lovers from across the globe spend billions wagering on the outcomes.

  1. Horse Racing

Traditionally, horse racing fans go to the track to place their bets on the horses they desire to win. With technological advancements, horse racing has evolved with the popularity of online betting. To win horse racing bets, you need to understand the factors that affect the ability of horses to win. These include footing, weather changes and the mood of the handlers. Doing thorough research and checking the latest statistics and opinions of horse racing will increase your chances of winning these bets.

  1. Basketball

The National Basketball Association or the NBA is the most famous league for the sport, but colleague leagues in the United States and the European basketball league are also generating their fair share of betting volume across the world. Most basketball bets involve spread betting, which requires bettors to predict whether their chosen team will beat another team by a particular margin. The most interesting bets are those that involve predicting the margin by which a favourite basketball team will likely beat an underdog team, when the top team is playing an away game.