Tips for Betting on the Olympics

Whether you’re looking at the summer Olympics or the winter version of the games, there is plenty to get excited about. The events each take place every four years, but alternate every two years. This gives you at least two years to prepare for the different games and the various sports involved in them.

It’s interesting to note that betting on the Olympics is not always legal in some regulated regions, even if regular sports betting is. This is due to the fact that the athletes competing in these games are not always professional and are generally consider amateur when competing in the Olympics.

However, if it is legal where you live, then it’s time to start putting together your strategy for betting on the next Olympic Games.

Pick Sports and Teams You Know

The list of sports that are played at each Olympic Games is fairly long and constantly changing. Every event, new sports are added to the list and some are removed. This happens for a number of reasons, but the popularity of the sport can play a large role in the decision process.

When planning your betting strategy for the next Games, make sure you have a complete and up to date list of the sports that will be played and the events that will take place. Then check which countries have qualified to compete in those events. From there, you can start to research the players and the stats for each country in order to make informed betting choices.

If you pick sports that you already follow, it will be a lot easier to make good choices. This is because you will understand who the players are, have a thorough knowledge of where the teams are in international standings, and can use your own intuition based on your own understanding of the game. Even though, just like the best Aristocrat pokies online nz the results may change in a heartbeat, you’ll be making more of an informed decision upfront.

Number of Medals a Common Option

When betting on the Olympic Games, many people turn to the medals table. It’s incredibly common for the sportsbooks to offer odds on the number of medals that countries will win – gold, silver and bronze. You can place bets on overall medals standings or go more specific and look at the most of a particular medal.

Other options include pitting two countries against each other, and betting that one will do better than the other. Alternatively, you can look at a particular category like the athletics field or in the swimming pool.

Look Beyond Your Flag

One of the key things to remember is to look beyond your own emotions. It can be very easy to get caught up in national pride and just place your bets on your country to do well. Just remember to bet with your head and not with your heart – informed, logical decisions will mean that you will likely do much better in the long run.

Take the time to get to know the sports, the odds and the players. Without this information, you can’t make informed sports betting decisions.