The Basics of Non-Sports Novelty Betting

Sports betting is definitely one of the most popular forms of wagering around. However, did you know that bookmakers have been taking bets on non-sports events since before online betting even existed? A great example is back in July 1969, when the moon landing cost bookies in the UK millions.

Many years earlier, William Hill and the likes had offered bettors a prop as to whether or not man would walk on the moon in that decade. In 1964, the odds of this occurring were 1000 to 1, but despite this, bookmakers were proven wrong and paid out hefty winnings! Read on as we uncover more about non-sports prop bets and how they work.

A World of Things to Wager On

The first thing you need to know about non-sports prop betting is that if it exists, you can probably wager on it somewhere! There are plenty of non-sports wagering options available today, ranging from political topics to natural disasters, election results, and so much more. Some popular examples over the years have been how long OJ Simpson would spend in Jail, whether or not Trump would be elected, and the value of the damage caused by Hurricane Katrina.

Of course, there are less controversial options available too. It all depends on what you find entertaining and what you would like to place your money on. Wrestling, singing contests, box office releases, business, mobile casino Malaysia launches, world politics, weddings and divorces and births – they can all be bet on with the right bookie!

Entertainment and Financials

One of the most popular forms of novelty prop bets are based on entertainment and celebrity news. Some of the more exotic markets available include certain outcomes on TV shows, contests, entertainment rallies and more. The winner of American Idol, X Factor, The Bachelor or The Biggest Loser are always an in-demand choices, as are the winners at the Oscars, Grammys and other Hollywood events.

You can also bet on financials if you are looking for non-sports wagering opportunities. Europeans in particular are very into financial betting, which can be on anything from currency exchange rates and values of silver, gold and Nymex to FTSE prices, major company share prices, and more. The average punter might find these markets challenging to understand, but if you have the right knowledge or work in the industry, you could enjoy some great returns on these sorts of bets.

Natural Phenomena and Politics

Natural phenomena are also common wagering topics. Punters in the UK often wager on whether they will enjoy a snowy Christmas in any given year, while folks in other parts of the world have been known to bet on the dates and severity of natural disasters in their areas. Birth dates of celebrity and royal babies are of course up for betting too!

Then there are politics. Politics is by far one of the largest betting markets outside of traditional sports betting. US punters often wager on election and senate races, while other bettors choose to put their money on law reforms, political scandals and other juicy developments. America’s most recent election between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump attracted millions in wagers.

Something for Every Punter

The world of online betting is clearly much more extensive than just its face value. Sports fans will always have plenty of options to choose from, but for those who are looking for something different, novelty prop bets are a fantastic choice. Just remember to only wager at a licensed and certified bookmaker, no matter what you are betting on!