How to Bet on Cricket

Cricket is known as a sport that has many complexities and is a strategic game.  Betting on cricket though is easy.

Understanding the Basics

When online betting on cricket, it is important to first understand how the game works.  Each team has 11 players and the game is played on a cricket field that has a long strip in the centre known as the pitch.  Each team will bowl and bat.

There is one bowler while the rest of that team will field.  The batting side will have two batsmen on.

The aim of the batting team is to score as many runs as possible within the amount of overs.  The bowling team must try to prevent the batting team from scoring runs and try to get all the batsmen out.  There are various types of bowling techniques such as an off-spinner, fast-paced, leg spinner to name a few.

Types of Cricket

There are various types of cricket.  First class cricket is played over five days with each team playing two innings.  Limited overs are played over a single day and each team will play 40 or 50 overs.  Twenty20 or T20 cricket is a relatively new form of cricket and each team plays 20 overs.

T20 is a fast paced action packed type of cricket.  Different teams will do better at particular types of cricket for example a batsmen who hits big will be more suited to T20 cricket while a more disciplined batsmen will do better playing fist class cricket.

Factors to Consider

Keeping up to date with the players such as injuries or other issues will also affect a team.  If an opening batsman for example is injured and unable to play it can change the whole dynamic of a game.  It may also affect the morale of the team.

Some teams are better at bowling while some are better at batting.  Having an understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of each team will help punters to place well-informed bets.  Other factors to consider are things like weather or the time of day the game is played.  If weather is bad play is sometimes stopped or a game may be postponed if possible.

Sometimes this could result in another team’s overs being cut which could sometimes disadvantage them.  Some cricket teams perform better when playing at home, which is another factor to think about it.

Knowing the basic rules of how the come is played and studying the terminology used will be useful to punters when they are preparing to place a bet.  Knowing the various formats of cricket and how different teams perform when playing these formats is an important factor to consider before betting on cricket.

There are some teams that play well on all formats, while other teams prefer only some formats.  Weather and other external conditions play a big part in cricket.

Bad weather or bad light can affect a cricket game and has caused many disappointments, which may often mean disappointments for punters.