A Beginners Guide To Football

When starting out betting, placing a bet on a match can be super fun and exciting but before you jump right in you should always do some research first.

Since you have probably been a Liverpool fan from the day of your birth, I may be preaching to the choir about rules and regulations and the terms of Football, but you should always do your research and bet strategically.

Once you get the hang of Football and decide to try some online betting, you can move on to learning about different sports like the NBA and maybe try out a few sites for the best NBA bets around.

Terms used in Football:

Defenders / backs – This player uses the defensive third of the field and their goal is to stop goals

Goalkeeper – Situated directly in front of the goals, and charged with stopping all goal attempts – this player is the only one in the team who can use his hands.

Midfielder – This player is positioned in the middle third of the field, and is a link between the defence and offences sides

Striker / Forward – this is the player who will do most of the scoring for the team, the always are at the front of the team to ensure the best shots are taken.

Corner spot – this is the centre of the field where the kickoffs are done to start the game

Goal Box – this is the goal area 20x6yd on the soccer field marked with the penalty area and most goals should be scored from this area.

Penalty Area – this is the large rectangle in front of the goal, where the goalie is allowed to handle the ball and fouls by the defending team result in penalty kicks

Charging – This is when a player runs at another player, using perhaps a shoulder to try unbalancing them and gaining the ball.

Feint – this is used in an attempt to deceive the opponent into thinking you are going to perform a move and then going in a different direction.

Slide tackles – this is when a player attempts to win the ball by sliding at the player with the ball. If the slide tackler touches the ball before the other player then he is allowed to make contact with his opponent. If the opponent touches the ball first, and the slider hits the opponent – a possible foul will be considered. (Any tackle from behind is a foul)

Shielding – this is when a player uses their body to protect the ball from being stolen by an opponent

Football rules to know:

  • Hands to yourself – Football players may use any part of there body to handle the ball and score, besides from their hands. Only Goalies are allowed throwing a ball , and then only in the penalty area
  • Foul – be nice, do not kick, trip, tackle, strike or be unfair on the field
  • Penalty kicks – if you were not nice on the field, this could result in a foul and then a penalty kick for the opposing team
  • Offside – do not be offside on a corner, goal kick or a thrown in – offside is when a player is nearer the opponent’s goal then the ball and the last opponent.