The Ever Changing World of Online Sports Betting

Online sports betting got off to a slow start in the late 1990’s, with the bare minimum of sports events being covered. The growth in popularity of online betting was however steady, but the introduction of live, or in play betting on the early 2000’s was the real revolution.

A lot less trips to the tote have been recorded since then, and many land-based bookies have suffered due to the ease of access the Internet offers.

Today, there are hundreds of bookmakers online – some with land based affiliations- but most without, all just waiting to accept wagers on just about anything, from sport to elections, the outcome of the latest reality show and so much more.

Technology a Game Changer

The Internet and advancing technology has made sports betting all the more accessible, and its thanks to increased Internet speeds and the fact that just about everyone has access to the net that wagering has become such a widely accepted pastime.

Mobile devices have also changed the face of sports betting NZ and the rest of the globe, and being able to place bets on the go, in real time has also made this pursuit all the more enjoyable, and attracted a whole new generation of punter.

Gone are the days of older men standing around outside the bookies studying form, the new generation is tech savvy and can place bets quickly and easily, in the palm of their hand.

Online Sports Betting Reaches Fever Pitch

In 2017 stats showed that online sports betting was bigger than ever. The simplicity of logging in and betting live was once a great innovation, but fresh concepts are in demand. Online bookmakers now often a huge selection of different sporting events, and everything from MMA to cricket to baseball and curling can be wagered on.

There are also multiple markets for every different sport, and this is something that a land based establishment simply can’t compete with.

Add to this the fact that online sportsbetting sites all offer generous bonuses and free bets. This is due to increased competition and the quest to secure a greater customer base, but they certainly add to the appeal of punting online.

The Future of Online Sports Betting

As we see more and more each year, people and the Internet are evolving and the world of online sports betting will be no different. Betting online will change and grow, but the thrill seeking and excitement of an unknown win will remain.

With a new sports event every day, what kind of new exciting additions to the online sports betting world will happen? Many are talking about eSports being the next big thing to bet on, and there are already available options online.

Fantasy sports and fantasy leagues have also been a huge hit, and as laws across the world shift and change and online betting becomes even more commonplace, the possibilities are endless.

On the actual changes in the future of online sports betting, we can only sit back and wager on what the outcome would be.