Learning How To Bet On Boxing

Although not quite on the same level as cricket or football, boxing is nonetheless an incredibly popular betting sport, and over the years it has amassed millions of zealous fans, each eager to watch the next fight.

There are few other sports that match boxing’s ruthlessness or brutality, and it’s for this reason that boxing stands in a category of its own.

Like any popular sport, boxing has seen a large betting industry grow around it, and today almost all online bookmakers cover international boxing events.

In fact, boxing is uniquely suited to betting, as the betting scene fuels many of the mandatory matches that take place at the time.

This makes boxing a great sport to begin a betting career, and it’s unpredictable nature means that there’s never a dull moment.

For those that are new to the betting scene and have find good odds on their favourite Australian betting sites, here are a few key aspects to keep in mind when betting.

The Basics of Boxing

Betting, for the most part, is focused on the outcome of a match, and in boxing, there are a few ways in which a match can come to an end:

  • Knockout (KO) – As the name suggests, this is when one fighter is knocked out, or is unable to get up after getting knocked down, and the referee manages to complete his 10 second countdown.
  • Technical Knockout (TKG) – This is essentially when one fighter wins by default. For example, if the referee decides to end the match due to one fighter suffering from an injury, then the opponent wins the match automatically.
  • Decision (D) – This kind of win is earned through points that are awarded by a panel of three judges. The criteria to earn enough points to win depends on the rules the judges set down.
  • Technical Decision (D) – Similar to a normal decision, except points are decided upon after an injury.
  • Disqualification (DQ) – This is simply when one fighter is disqualified from the fight.

Doing Research

Research is key to successful boxing betting, especially when the matches are so intimately focussed on the fighters.

  • Fighting Styles – Each fighter going into the ring will have their own style of fighting. It’s a good idea to learn each style, and understand the strengths and weaknesses of each against each other.
  • Pre-Fight Preparations – The type of training, diet, and warm-up the fighter engages in before entering the ring can make a big difference on whom to place a wager on.
  • Weight Class – Different levels of boxing are broken down into different classes of weight. If a fighter is looking to move up a class of weight, this can alter the odds of the match, as well as the personal stakes for the fighters themselves.
  • The Fight Itself – Many punters make the mistake of focusing too much on the showmanship of the event itself, rather focus attention on the fight taking place.