Signs A Bookmaker Might Not Be Worth Staying With

Bookmakers are the middlemen that provide the playing ground between the sports, the bets, and the bettors that put money down on their chosen sports and bets.

This means that a good bookie can make all the difference in terms of the kind of experience that a bettor will enjoy when signing up for the first time and beginning their exciting betting journey.

Unfortunately, bookies are by no means bound by any form of ethics, meaning that just because one bookie values their customers and provides a good service, another might not be willing to go to those lengths. Here we will discuss the various flags to keep an eye out for when deciding to sign up with a potential new bookie service.

Their Terms And Conditions

Like any corporation or organisation, most bookmakers that take themselves seriously will have terms and conditions, and all bettors are always advised to take the time and read through this information as carefully as possible.

One of the reasons for this is that it’s not uncommon for a bookie to add some info right at the end that may not be in the bettor’s best interest. It’s common to come across a rule that explains a bettor that wins too often may be removed from the service without warning – this is a way for the bookie to reduce their losses, but it also means that a winning streak can very abruptly come to an end. Always read the terms and conditions, as well as their privacy policy to get an understanding of what kind of personal and financial information they collect.

Avoid Blacklisted Bookies

There are a lot of websites out there that review betting services, such as bookies, and they can offer give a bettor an idea of what to expect from a service that they might be wanting to start an account with.

There will be plenty of information to dissect, including the kinds of promos that get put on offer, their security options, and much more. Often enough, they might blacklist a bookmaker that has gained a reputation for being less than stellar when it comes to their services and how they treat their customer base. It’s highly recommended to avoid any bookies that have been blacklisted, as it will surely turn into a negative experience, and maybe for example sites like

Playing Without Registering

It’s fairly common to come across iGaming services that offer the chance to put down wagers without first having to sign up. On the odd occasion, this might be a legitimate service, but for the most part this kind of practise should be avoided as much as possible. They will try and make it as appealing as possible, offering a wide range of appetising rewards that make it difficult to resist.

But the catch is that if a bettor does find success, without an account, they won’t be able to withdraw any winnings that they make, and the money instead goes back into the pocket of the bookie.