5 Banking Methods for Sports Betting

We all enjoy logging into our favourite bookie site and taking out a wager or two on the teams or players we hope will lead the game to victory. Not only is it a thrilling experience watching the action, but it could also mean we have the chance of walking away with some extra money in our pocket. What we often don’t think about until it’s presented to use is how we’d like to make that wager, and he we’ll withdraw those potential winnings.

It’s a topic that not many sports bettors think about, for most of us, we usually just rely on the various banking cards, the same ones we use for day-to-day activities like shopping or paying the rent. It’s not always so easy, though, and sometimes we might encounter a site that doesn’t accept our cards, or maybe we feel that putting our banking information on the Internet isn’t the safest move (which it sometimes isn’t.) In these kinds of cases, the best way to ease your mind and make the process easier is by making use of one of the many different kinds of banking methods that online bookies use.

Not only can this save you time, but it can also often save you money; money that you could instead invest in more sports betting in the future, or other online games like pokies.

Debit/Credit Cards

Without a doubt, these are what most bettors use around the world, and they perform their function well enough, most of the time. Statistically, almost all transactions made on a betting site is done through a credit card, and because of this reason, it’s difficult to find a bookie that doesn’t offer support for credit cards.

There is a downfall, however. Credit cards require that you wait a certain amount of time for money to be withdrawn, which can sometimes take up to a week, and you will also be required to give your personal and financial information to the site.


E-wallets have changed the way we bank online, and for the most part, they’ve made out lives much easier. Neteller, Skrill, and PayPal are just some of the more popular ones, and they’re what most bettors are advised to use.

Their deposit and withdraw times often are the shortest, and in most cases, you will never have to wait more than a day for your money to come through. Using an e-wallet means you only need to provide your personal information on a limited basis, and gives you the chance to move money anonymously between the e-wallet and the betting site.


This is one for the more paranoid bettors out there, but still worth considering if you want to try and maintain total anonymity while betting online. In this case, a special charge card can be purchased with a specific amount of money loaded in. The money can then be uploaded to any site that accepts it. This allows you to upload as much money as you want without having to give the details of your bank or card accounts.