3 Popular Sports Bets Available

Betting isn’t quite as simple as it once was. There was a time where you could simply go to the local bookie, put some cash down on whichever team you think would win, and then it would be up to fate to decide whether that investment you made would pay back or not.

Times have changed, however, and in today’s betting market, we have a huge number of bets to choose from. Bookies, especially the online ones, are big on choice, and while it’s not always simple for new players to learn all the bets, it has proven to be beneficial in the long run to have that choice.

More bets means more chances of making real money, and it also means that there is a bet out there that is suited for just about anyone.

If you’re new to the betting scene and the massive number of bets available has left you feeling overwhelmed, you’re not the first. It’s a complicated world to be a part of at first, but over time you will learn more about the bets on offer, and all the subtle nuances that accompany each bet.

Before you leap in, however, first take the time to learn the more popular kinds of bets that you will come across. Not only will this give you a deeper understanding of sports betting, but can even help in other areas, like online blackjack for real money in Canada.

3. The Moneyline Bet

Also known as the win bet, it doesn’t get much simpler than this, and this is the kind of bet that you can expect to see just about everywhere.

Here, all you’re doing is simply putting down money on someone winning a match or competition.

Whether it’s a team, a single player, or a horse, the moneyline bet is the perfect starting point for any beginner, and is evens till utilised by the professionals.

It’s easy to understand, easy to take out, and for many, it’s considered the only real bet on the market, as it’s also the most traditional.

2. Point Spreading

This is an artificial bet created by the bookie that has a range of points attached to players or teams. You win depending on which team cover the spread.

For example, if you bet on a team that has a spread of +8, and that team wins or loses by less than those 8 points, then you win the wager.

If the team is in for -8, they would need to win by more than 8 points in order for your bet to be successful.

1. Handicap Betting

This is one that you’ve probably heard of at some point or another, and is similar in many ways to a point spread.

The difference is that where a point spread is usually a little more limited, often to the points set by the bookie, a handicap offers a lot more choice.

And while a point spread bet also has a favourite and an underdog, a handicap aims to keep things more equal, and allow for a wider betting choice.

With a handicap bet, the bookie will often divide points for all the teams involved, including a draw.

If you bet on a team that has a +1 handicap, for example, then that team will be given a complimentary goal on top of what they actually score, which improves the chances of wining due to this extra goal, but also lowers the odds, meaning you win less back.

Conversely, betting on a -1 means a lower chance of winning, but higher overall payouts.