3 Top Football Betting Tips

People often say that the volatile and unpredictable nature of football is what makes it “the beautiful game”. Nothing is a given and anything can happen at any time during those 90 minutes on the pitch. Couple this with the very nature and activity that sports betting entails and one would think it’s a recipe for disaster.

However, becoming an expert on a certain league whether it be the Premier League, Bundesliga or La Liga is not as difficult as it sounds. Being committed to the sport as well as following these simple tips will increase the chances of your betting becoming a profitable endeavour.

1. Don’t trust your gut

A lot of what betting entails feels like relying on your own value judgment and beliefs. However, in sports betting, football particularly, there are countless statistic sites available which, if followed, could provide great insight into which bets are safe and which bets are not.

It may take some of the fun out of sports betting but following the statistics and probabilities that come with well-defined numbers is a far safer and more profitable way to gamble with your money.

Reading up on in-depth statistics also allows you to learn more about the sport we all love.

2. Make use of various bookmakers

This is a simple tip for anyone highly experienced in sports betting and gambling in general. But for those who are just entering the betting world, this is an invaluable tip.

People have a habit of finding one betting site/bookmaker they like and sticking to them religiously. While loyalty is a virtue, when it comes to betting, you’re going to want to spread your chances of winning across various different bookies.

Odds vary from bookmaker to bookmaker and each one prices their bets and events as they see fit. Sticking to one surely is not the smartest way to distribute your money.

3. Take any profit you know you can make – no matter how small

When entering the world of sports betting it may be tempting to go big and take a chance on odds that may not favour you at all. Instead, a smart way to start off and continue throughout your betting career is to settle for and take the small profits.

Letting your profits run, no matter how small, is the best way to build a stable foundation to keep betting and making money in the long term. This tip is one which works in most investment type scenarios, and it should not be one that deters you from betting.

Making small, sustainable profits over a long period of time will easily outweigh one big win and many big losses.

If you’re a football fan who wants to profit from all the hours you invest in the game, then sports betting might be for you. Seeing those profits come in for purely enjoying the game is always a good experience but it is also essential that betting be done safely. Following these simple tips will set you on the right track from the outset.